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Athmar Al-khaleej contractiog and general trading ltd is an Iraqi national limited liability company engaged in the general contracting of buildings (construction, repair, restoration, demolition), water and sanitation works and maintenance, electrical and mechanical works and maintenance, party work and maintenance, dam works, Fire extinguishing equipment and comunication equipment. Athmar Al-khaleej contractiog and general trading ltd has taken a name from its name as a platform that contributes to the reconstruction and development of our beloved country, with its professional management capable of sound planning of project management, providing the best services to its clients, and engineering management aware of the needs of the urban community, And human to implement the projects accurately and professionally. For all of this, the company must have the confidence of many governmental, private and individuals institutions. We had the honor to execute their projects with high standards of quality and according to the required specifications. And strict adherence to the schedule without any delay in the delivery of projects, as we care about our customers and work to satisfy them, but we plan to stage to get to impress our customers with more than expected, we also adhere to the standards of professional safety of employees, and public safety in projects.